• how We Can Work Together

  • Meet Advisor

    Understanding and gathering your financial goals and information.

  • Design Strategy

    Developing investment strategy based on our market research.

  • Achieve Goals

    implement professionally designed, diversified portfolios.

Our Mission

Understand and Achieve Your
Financial Objectives

What Is Our Wealth Management Service

At AC Sunshine Securities, understanding our clients and meeting their goals is our top priority. We offer advisory services that integrate a variety of financial services, sophisticated investment planning tools and specialized resources to meet the needs of affluent clients. Through the advisory process, our advisors gather information about the client's needs and specific circumstances, then utilize a range of available financial products and services, such as investment advice, estate planning, accounting, retirement and tax services, and combine the information obtained to produce a customized, personalized strategy for the client.

Managing wealth might be complex, but our services are much deeper than investment advice. Rather than attempting to integrate advice from multiple professionals and a variety of products, high net worth individuals may be more likely to benefit from an integrated approach. In this approach, our wealth managers coordinate the services needed to manage our clients' assets while strategically planning for their current and future needs - whether it's wills and trust services or business succession planning. We'll work with you to plan how you can achieve your goals. We will take into account all of the following factors to make this the best experience for you: your educational, career and life goals, your assets (including asset allocation goals) and liabilities, your cash flow planning and retirement plans, and your investment risk tolerance.

Why Wealth Management

4 Reasons Wealth Management is Important.

  • A Holistic Approach to Managing Wealth

  • Help Maintain Short- and Long-term Wealth

  • Help With The Transfer Of Wealth

  • Meet Client’s Wealth Goals