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INNO HOLDINGS is an innovative building-technology company with a mission to transform the construction industry with our proprietary cold-formed steel-framing technology and other building innovations. INNO recognized the inherent inefficiency and waste in traditional lumber-based construction techniques and sought to develop steel-based construction technologies to solve the problems. INNO takes its name from “innovation” and is committed to the research and development of steel studs/tracks/headers, providing higher performance and greater efficiencies in all aspects of construction, making better structural solutions for both commercial and residential buildings, resulting in substantial labor cost savings, in our view. The Company’s products are created using a combination of intelligent machines and cutting-edge techniques to provide an optimal design solution of framing for engineers, builders, and construction companies. We are currently a manufacturer of cold-formed-steel members and we offer a full range of services required to transform raw materials into precise steel framing products and prefabricated homes. We sell these finished products either to businesses or directly to customers. The finished products and cold-formed-steel members are used in a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. For more detailed information, please refer to SEC S1 filing: and Free Written Prospectus:

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