How to Open New Account with AC Sunshine Securities

On the right you can find all new account forms you need to fill out to start working on your AC Sunshine account.Other Accounts serve both individual and institutional clients.

Steps to get your documents:
  • Please visit our website:
  • Click Disclosure and information to review all related menu, especially:
    • Client Relationship Summary
    • Best Interest Disclosure
    • Privacy Policy
    • Penny Stock Disclosure
  • Click menu customer center
  • Click New Account Documents
  • Click
Then you should be able to allocate individual or institutional account application. Other related documents list under Other Account Forms.

Please following the instruction below:

New Account Documents required to Open at Velox

Individual Account:
  1. New Account Application form
  2. Sanctions List Search Result (substitute for OFAC)
  3. Government Issued ID
  4. IPO Certificate/Disclosure (for any investor who wants to participate in IPO deals)
  5. Tax Form (signed/dated), i.e. W9, W8-BEN, W9 for US citizens, W8 for citizens at other countries.
  6. Bank Statements within 3 months if wiring fund

Entity and Institutional Account:
  1. Corporate Formation documents
    1. Certificate of Incorporation/Formation/Certificate of Limited Partnership
    2. IBeneficial Owner Form AC Sunshine, List of Principals - Full legal names and titles, (i.e. CEO, CFO, CCO, president …etc.), including Government-issued photo IDs for all Authorized Individuals (e.g., passport or driver license)
    3. Bylaws / Memorandum of Association with Articles of Association/Executed LLC Agreement/Executed LP Agreement
  2. Tax Form (signed/dated), i.e. W9 for US entity and institutions, W8-BEN for other countries.
  3. AC Sunshine Securities LLC AML/KYC Reports of the authorized principals. (AC Sunshine does it)
  4. New Account Application form Entity
  5. 5. IPO Certificate/Disclosure (for any investor who wants to participate in IPO deals)
  6. Bank Statements within 3 months if wiring fund

If you need to transfer account from other brokers, you need to provide ACAT transfer form.
  1. ACAT Transfer Form
  2. Most recent account statements - the most recent month

IRA Account:
  1. Everything for individual accounts plus
  2. IRA packet

Other Instruction:
How to link bank account to transfer money in and out:
  1. Login to your Velox account
  2. Click “Cash Movement: on left menu
  3. Click “Link Bank Account”
  4. Provide your bank information, click “link bank account”, finish
  5. Next day or two, your bank should receive 3 micro deposit and withdraw transactions with net affect zero to your bank account
  6. Login to your Velox account again to verify transactions by enter those 3 transactions
  7. If your inputs are correct, the system will complete your bank link
  8. Then You can initial deposit; maximum one transaction amount is $50,000 daily.

If you have any question, please email us: or call 689-689-9686.