We are a real estate syndicate, an organisation where a group of investors carry out investment activities by pooling their funds to invest or develop a property. We combine resources to provide investors with strong purchasing power, enabling them to better face large and complex investment opportunities that are not normally within their control.

How does a syndicate work?

In general, investors only need to pool their capital to fund a real estate transaction and our syndicate members (also known as sponsors) are responsible for the rest. We will take a professional and disciplined approach to sourcing, managing and administering real estate investments for our investors to generate returns.

We will ensure quality service for investors to the maximum extent possible. There are a number of ways in which the returns can be distributed, generally our service fee is included in the return distribution plan and after the investors have received their preferred return, the remaining profits are distributed between the investors and the syndicate in accordance with the terms of the investment management agreement, which is formally signed by both parties to clarify their agreement.

Syndicator (or sponsor)

The syndicator's services include sourcing, acquiring, arranging financing and managing real estate assets. The syndicator also conducts due diligence on any deals presented to the real estate syndicate and is ultimately responsible for the deal execution process.


Individuals who invest with the syndicator essentially own a percentage of the property proportional to their investment in the asset, and reap the returns and benefits that come with property ownership. However,  they do not share the responsibilities of the syndicator, who has to acquire and manage the property.

Advantages of real estate syndication

  • Provides individual investors access to a wider range of investment opportunities that were previously out of their reach due to the size and quantum of the investments, geography or investment complexity (i.e. non-residential investments or alternative real estate investments such as data centers, hotels, etc.)

  • For a fee, investors are able to outsource deal sourcing, execution and management to a professional (i.e. the syndicator)

How are real estate syndicates formed?

    Real estate syndicates are formally created through registration as a legal entity, which may take the form of a Single Purpose Entity (SPE) or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for each real estate deal.

Online real estate syndication

Online real estate syndications operate in much the same way as offline real estate syndications. However, our online real estate offering will leverage new technology for fundraising, investment management and reporting, data collection, marketing, presentation and customization of information; giving us a strong technological advantage to operate more efficiently as with reaching a wider audience.

We operate an online real estate investment platform, actively source real estate deals and organize all aspects of the investment, which are then shared with interested investors on the company's online platform. On our platform, investors are free to select the deals they wish to invest in, and information on each deal is available for investors to track in real time.