Why choose IT service outsourcing
Work efficiency improvement
Helps the IT department focus on core business and improve the work efficiency of enterprise employees
Reduce IT costs
Optimize IT cost structure, reduce overall TCO, and comprehensively reduce IT system operation and maintenance costs
Service level improvement
For new services, new applications can respond quickly and in a timely manner, and enterprise IT services can be standardized to improve business efficiency
Reduce job creation
Customers focus on their own business and can expand steadily and rapidly at any time to create more business value
Reduce security risks
Unified operation and maintenance management, formalized IT management to improve business and IT security
Smart IT management
Integrate branch systems and data sharing, reduce IT system complexity and management difficulty, and facilitate rapid business development;
Quickly build an IT talent team Get IT service solutions
Service Process
Determination of needs
Assess customer needs, determine personnel skills, skill levels, quantity and work cycle, work site location
According to the needs of enterprises, design service model service standards and service processes
sign a contract
Determine service price, service content payment terms, etc.
personnel approach
Recommend suitable candidates according to customer needs and conduct on-site interviews
Resident work
Responsibilities are determined, and the on-the-job enterprises are arranged to integrate quickly and carry out work
Operation management
Achievement of indicators and improvement of satisfaction